Friday, 9 October 2015

Lord Neuberger selects 15 Top cases

This speech needs no additional comment .... please listen to it via this link ....

Lord Neuberger addresses the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting at Lincoln's Inn - 6th October 2015 - Reflections on the ICLR Top Fifteen Cases

For the written text please see - Lord Neuberger gives talk to commemorate the ICLR's 150th Anniversary, Lincoln's Inn

Law reporting in England goes back many centuries to the Year Books of the medieval period.


  1. Interesting; as a JP (now retired) the case which had the greatest impact on my work as a magistrate was R v Newton (1983), which introduced the concept of the 'Newton' hearing. I should think it also has affected the greatest number of persons appearing in court. I would guess that in some magistrates court at this very moment such a hearing is being conducted.