Friday, 3 December 2010

(1) Mr Woolas remains excluded from Parliament: (2) Mr David Chaytor - former MP - pleads guilty

Former MP and Minister Mr. Philip J Woolas remains excluded from Parliament after the Administrative Court gave judgment in a judicial review of the Parliamentary Election Court's earlier decision.  The court's judgment surveys the history of jurisdiction in this area; emphasizes the point that the court has a limited role (given to it by Parliament) in ruling on election petitions and decides (for the first time) that a Parliamentary Election Court is susceptible to judicial review.  This case is a "must read" for students of our constitution - R (Woolas) v The Parliamentary Election Court and others [2010] EWHC 3169 (Admin).  One of the findings of fact (against Mr Woolas) made by the election court was set aside.

It is reported that Mr David Chaytor, the former MP charged with false accounting in relation to parliamentary expenses has now entered a guilty plea - Telegraph 3rd December 2011.  He will be sentenced in January.

Addendum 3rd December 2010:  For an interesting perspective on the Woolas case see Head of Legal blog - "Woolas loses - by a worrying whisker."

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