Friday, 27 November 2020

Brexit madness


"Madness" is a word that come to mind all too readily when describing the machinations of the Johnson government and its MPs regarding Brexit. 

Including today (27 November) there are just 35 days to the end of 2020 at which point the Brexit transition period* also ends.

But there is no agreement in place to address vital matters such as the future trading relationship with the 27 nation European Union.

Consequently, it is not possible for businesses to make any realistic plans for 2021. 

It truly beggars belief that a British government (of any political persuasion) has put British business (and the future of the national economy) into such a dire state of affairs.

Perhaps some

form of agreement will yet emerge from the tortuous future negotiation talks. 

If there is an agreement then it will, in law, take the form of a treaty. Both the EU and the UK must then take steps to ratify the agreement. The ways in which this might be done are well described in a post by the Institute of Government 18 November - UK-EU future relationship: UK ratification.

An article by Professor Michael Gasiorek (University of Sussex) and published by the UK Trade Policy Observatory has identifed 10 key issues relating to UK-EU trade relations - UKTPO 20 November 2020

Please also see the article by Professor Derrick Wyatt QC published by UK in a Changing Europe - What happens if there is a last-mimute trade agreement? 

Will it be more queues through Kent as we saw earlier this week or will there be some arrangement to keep commerce moving? With just 5 weeks to go, it is madness that we have to even ask this question.

I respectfully join with Professor Chris Grey in saying - "It is not clear what crime we have committed to have to endure the endless torture of Brexit" - see Zeno's Brexit 27 November 2020.

European Commission - Getting ready for the end of the transition period 


* The Withdrawal Agreement provided for extension of the Transition Period. The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 section 33 amended the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 so that - "A Minister of the Crown may not agree in the Joint Committee to an extension of the implementation period." This need not have presented an insurmountable obstacle to a government that wished to extend.

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