Saturday, 12 September 2020

UK Internal Market Bill and Devolution

My previous two posts - HERE and HERE - focussed on concern about the UK Internal Market Bill and the provisions dealing with the powers of Ministers to disapply aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement.

This is not the only bone of contention in the Bill. Described in some quarters as "an abomination" the Bill will undoubtedly impact on the devolution settlements as is well explained in these links:

Information for Government - Explainer - Internal Market Bill

Centre on Constitutional Change - The Internal Market Bill: implications for devolution

House of Commons Library Research Briefings - UK Internal Market Bill

The government claims that the Bill will "boost" the Scottish economy but that claim is refuted by the Scottish Government which plans to refuse legislative consent to the Internal Market Bill.

Like so much to do with Brexit - which a majority of Scotland's electorate opposed - the Bill is feeding demands for Scottish Independence. The Welsh Government described the Bill as an attack on democracy. Welsh voters supported Brexit.

12 September 2020

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  1. There has been research since the Brexit vote suggesting that whilst "voters in Wales" voted in favour of Brexit, that was because of the large proportion of voters in Wales who are English. Thus voters in Wales voted for Brexit whilst Welsh voters overall did not.

    G D Stewart JP (retired).