Friday, 21 December 2012

Drinking and driving ~ the government's consultation

With the festive season upon us, here is a timely reminder that the government has plans to amend the law of drinking and driving. 

Have a look at the government's consultation:

This consultation encompasses the legislative changes the government proposed in its response of March 2011 to the reports by Sir Peter North and the Transport Select Committee on drink and drug driving (“the government’s response”). The changes covered in this consultation do not, however, include creating a new offence related to driving with a specified impairing drug in the body, which is also being progressed by the government.

The only safe advice which can be given about drinking / driving is do not do it. 

The changes are considered in an excellent post on CharonQC's blog - Timely advice on the drink driving laws from Jeanette Miller - solicitor.


  1. First: the limit should whatever it needs to be to allow for mouthwash, liqueur chocolates, and internal fermentation, in combination – and no more. Well below 50.

    Second: the penalty should be three years’ disqualification (not one) on a first offence and seven (not three) on a second, and not just within ten years.

    Third: of course the option should be abolished.

    Fourth: driving while disqualified after a drink/drive conviction should carry mandatory imprisonment with no exceptions (not even for a female defendant with more children than the old woman who lived in a shoe).

    But fifth: keep the roadside filter and the evidential test at the station

  2. Those countries with 50mg limits have lower penalties, (liike a fine/points), up to a threshold which is remarkably similar to our own limit of 85, when the more severe penalties kick in. But the zealots don't want to tell you this bit, only the lower 50mg limit. So lets have the full truth, please.

  3. No need for us to do that. At the risk of being considered a zealot I would reduce the limit from 80 and disqualify anyone over the reduced limit.

  4. Well I also would like to suggest that before conducting any blood alcoholic test first ask the reason of creating an accident.
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