Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Shoesmith case: appeal to Supreme Court refused

On 30th May, Law and Lawyers looked at the Court of Appeal's decision in the Sharon Shoesmith case - see "Accountability" is not synonymous with "Heads must roll" - but are there really constitutional issues at stake?  The government and Haringey Council wished to appeal the Court of Appeal's judgment.  The present government, somewhat implausibly, stated that constitutional issues were at stake.  Hardly!  The Secretary of State - (at the time it was Rt Hon Ed Balls MP) - had ample powers.  The problem was with how he exercised them.  The Supreme Court has refused permission for an appeal - see 11 King's Bench Walk Education blog.  As 11KBW point out, this may not be entirely the end of the matter since other legal proceedings remain.

11KBW has an Education Law Practice Group and maintains an excellent blog on this increasingly complex subject. 

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