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HM Queen Elizabeth II - Events of 8 to 19 September 2022

"The Queen devoted her life to us" - Australian High Commission, London

On 8 September 2022, at Balmoral, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died. 

Only two days previously, Her Majesty appointed Elizabeth Truss as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 

The Queen's long life was marked by her unparalleled sense of duty earning her respect across the world.

A brief statement issued by the Royal Family marked the end of a reign lasting over 70 years - Announcement of the death of The Queen | The Royal Family

Her Majesty became Queen on 6 February 1952 upon the death of her father King George VI - 70 years since the accession of the Queen

Her coronation

was held at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953 - Post of 2 June 2013

The Diamond Jubilee was held in 2012 - 60 years a Queen: the Diamond Jubilee - and 2022 was her Platinum Jubilee year.

HRH Prince Charles became King at the moment of Her Majesty's death and will reign as King Charles III.

Constitutional Monarchy:

The Queen was a "Constitutional Monarch" and, as such, she had "the rights to be consulted, to encourage and to warn" - (Walter Bagehot "The English Constitution" 1867). In practice, the monarch exercises most of the legal powers of the Crown through the government. Various constitutional conventions surround the exercise of those powers.

It was notable that many tributes from politicians referred to the extent to which they valued their audiences with the Queen. Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said that he would "miss those chats" and added that the Queen was "one of my favourite people in the whole world."

Demise of the Crown:

Historically, a "demise of the Crown" had significant legal effects but most of those have now been removed by various Acts of Parliament. For example, prior to the Succession to the Crown Act 1707, Parliament was dissolved. Another example was that offices under the Crown lapsed. That practice ended with the Demise of the Crown Act 1901 ( 

For an excellent study of Demise of the Crown please see this House of Commons briefing by David Torrance (8 September 2022) - The death of a Monarch

Various events of constitutional interest will take place over the coming days including an Accession Council, tributes in Parliament, formal proclamations, and a State Funeral. 

A Coronation will take place for the King on a date yet to be announced though, in law, the succession of the monarchy to Charles has now taken place. Coronation is a ceremony with ancient rituals. It is likely to be held in 2023 at Westminster Abbey though the ceremony and pageantry are unlikely to be on the large scale of 1953 during the austere years following World War 2.

*** Address to the Nation 9 September 2022 ***

King Charles’s address to the nation – in full | King Charles III | The Guardian

*** Tributes in Parliament ***

House of Commons 9 September 2022 - Tributes to Her Late Majesty The Queen - Hansard - UK Parliament

House of Lords 9 September 2022 - Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Hansard - UK Parliament - and - Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Hansard - UK Parliament

*** Accession Council ***

The Privy Council held an "Accession Council" at St James Palace on 10 September. Full details of this are on the Privy Council website - Explanation of the Accession Council - Privy Council ( 

Details of the Accession Council held 10 September 2022 - Privy Council (

King Charles III's declaration at Accession Council in full | UK News | Sky News

Watch: Charles III proclaimed king by Garter King of Arms at St James's Palace | Metro Video

*** Proclamation in London ***

The Second Proclamation of King Charles III is announced in London | UK News | Sky News - this proclamation was read by Clarenceux King of Arms.

*** Proclamations in Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardfiff ***

Sunday 11 September 2022 - Proclamations took place in Edinburgh (by Lord Lyon King of Arms), Belfast (Norroy and Ulster King of Arms), and Cardiff (Wales Herald of Arms Extraordinary).

The various Officers of Arms are described on the College of Arms website

*** Proclamation in Commonwealth Nations ***

See, for example, New Zealand, Australia, Canada

*** Parliament - Oaths ***

Members Sworn - Hansard - House of Commons - UK Parliament

Oaths - Hansard - House of Lords - UK Parliament

The Guardian - MPs and Peers retake Oath

Promissory Oaths Act of 1868 and Oaths Act 1978

Renewal of the oath is not a legal requirement since the oath already taken by MPs and Peers refers to "heirs and successors" 

*** Lying in State and Royal Funeral ***

On Sunday 11 September, the late Queen's body was taken by road from Balmoral to Holyrood, Edinburgh. The journey is approximately 180 miles and took 6 hours. 

Arrangements for the Funeral of Her Majesty The Queen | The Royal Family

BBC News 10 September - Queen Elizabeth II: A day-by-day guide from now to the funeral

*** Parliament - Monday 12 September 2022 - Addresses to the King ***

Parliament presents Addresses to His Majesty King Charles III - UK Parliament

During the afternoon the Queen's coffin was taken from Holyrood to St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh where a Service of Thanksgiving was held with King Charles present and other members of the Royal family. The Queen to "Lie at Rest" in the Cathedral for about 24 hours.

The picture is the Queen's coffin with the Crown of Scotland. The Crown dates from 1540 but the Scottish Monarchy dates back at least to Kenneth I (843). The coffin was draped in the Royal Standard of Scotland with a wreath of Balmoral flowers and the Crown of Scotland on top, guarded by the Royal Company of Archers.

The Scottish Parliament moved a motion of condolence - Motion of Condolence: Her Majesty the Queen | Scottish Parliament TV- to which the King responded.

In the evening, the King together with Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward stood alongside their mother's coffin in St Giles Cathedral.

*** Tuesday 13 September ***

Around 33,000 people are reported to have viewed the Lying in Wait at St. Giles, Edinburgh.

During the afternoon, the Queen was taken from St Giles to Edinburgh Airport and then flown by the Royal Air Force to RAF Northolt. From there the coffin was taken by road to Buckingham Palace arriving around 8 pm.

King Charles III visited Northern Ireland - In pictures: Charles III on first visit to Northern Ireland as King - BBC News

King Charles III held a Privy Council meeting at which Penny Mordaunt MP was declared as Lord President and other Ministers were sworn - List of Business - 13th September 2022 ( [Interestingly, Mordaunt presided at the Accession Council held on 10 September].

*** Wednesday 14 September ***

The Queen was taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for the Lying in State which will last until the State Funeral on Monday 19 September 2022.

*** Friday 16 September ***

King Charles III visited Wales and addressed the Welsh Parliament (Senedd) - Llywydd welcomes His Majesty The King to the Senedd

*** Monday 19 September ***

The Lying in State was from Wednesday 14 September to Monday morning 19 September 2022. Westminster Hall closed at 0630 BST prior to the State Funeral.

The State Funeral took place at Westminster Abbey, followed by a procession to Wellington Arch. The Queen was then taken to Windsor where a service of committal was held in St George's Chapel. 

During the evening, at a private service, the Queen was interred in the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth II funeral: Nation pays final farewell - BBC News 

Full order of service for the Queen's committal at Windsor Castle | UK News | Sky News

The Lone Piper at Windsor

Toward the end of the committal service, the Imperial State Crown, the Orb, and the Sceptre were taken from the coffin and placed on the altar. This was a symbolic demonstration of the monarchy transferring from Queen Elizabeth to King Charles.


House of Commons Library 21 Septembger 2022 - The Accession of King Charles III

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