Monday, 3 November 2014

Three questions needing satisfactory answers

1.  Why should lawyers continue to offer pro bono work as a means of covering up the fault-lines in government lack of legal aid policy?

Steve Cornforth blog - Who needs legal aid when lawyers do it for free?

2.  After two failed attempts (Butler-Sloss / Woolf), the Home Secretary's attempts to find a suitable chair for the child abuse inquiry continue.  Would it not be preferable to scrap the present inquiry, start again with proper terms of reference for an inquiry with much sharper focus and with adequate powers to investigate and also proper safeguards for witnesses?

Here is a view as to why the present inquiry is heading for disaster - Matthew Scott's view on Barrister Blog

BBC 3rd November 2014 - Teresa May 'sorry' for two child abuse inquiry resignations

3.  Why should fundamental rights be by the grace and favour of government?

Institute of Race Relations - Human rights at the government's discretion

I am not expecting satisfactory answers any time soon !!

See also:

Law and Lawyers 6th October - Human Rights - a look at the Conservative Party proposals

Head of Legal Blog 29th October  - Dinah Rose QC: The Conservative human rights paper is "just so rubbish"

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