Thursday, 5 January 2012

Justice and Security Green paper - Human Rights Conference - Law of Contract online

Justice and Security Green Paper:

The government's Green Paper "Justice and Security" has been open for consultation since October 2011.  The consultation closes on 6th January 2012.  The proposals relate to civil proceedings and inquests and the following posts examined the proposals in greater detail:

Justice and Security Green Paper - Part 1 - The government's case for closed material procedure (CMP)
Justice and Security Green Paper - Part 2 - The proposals
Justice and Security Green Paper - Part 3 - Oversight of Security Services

The UK Human Rights Blog has a post entitled "Extension of secret hearings would be 'fundamentally unfair', say Special Advocates."   57 barristers (including 19 Queen's Counsel) have raised objection to the government's proposals for closed material procedure and greater use of special advocates.

Human Rights:

The conference held at Wilton Park in November 2011 has issued a report which may be downloaded here.   The conference was referred to in "Access to Justice - Human Rights - chuck 'em all in the melting pot."  The Conference occurred in the early days of the United Kingdom's Chairmanship of the Council of Europe.

Law of Contract:

This highly important legal topic is brilliantly covered in CharonQC's "Law of Contract online book and recorded lectures."  A definite must for students and perhaps many a practitioner !!  Also, CharonQC has added excellent material on Sale of Goods

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