Wednesday 11 May 2022

Queen's Speech May 2022

10 May 2022 saw HRH The Prince of Wales deliver the Queen's Speech from the throne in the House of Lords. HM The Queen - aged 96 - was unable to attend.

See the text of the speech - Queen’s Speech 2022 - GOV.UK (

Lengthy (140 pages) background briefing notes have been published by the government - Queen's Speech 2022: background briefing notes - GOV.UK (

Aspects of this considerable programme

are perhaps to be welcomed. I would place the Mental Health Reform Bill into a "welcome category" but note that this is a draft bill. It may not reach the statute book but could eventually lead to later reform.

The proposed new Bill of Rights ought to go into an "unwelcome category"

A few months ago I noted some of the initial reaction which was almost entirely unfavourable -  Law and Lawyers: Early Reaction to government's human rights proposals (

It is a serious concern that the government appears to be ignoring the assessment made by the independent panel - Law and Lawyers: Independent Review of the Human Rights Act 1998 ~ Post 1 (

Further, it will be of interest to see the extent to which concerns expressed during the consultation are being addressed - if at all - Law and Lawyers: Human Rights reform ~ consultation (

An extract from the background briefing document appears below. 

For the time being, we must await the actual bill but all the signs point to it being a weakening of the protections accorded to human rights in the UK. Many devils will be lurking in the detail and it is crucial that this Bill receives thorough and anxious scrutiny.


Queen's Speech 2022: Key points at-a-glance - BBC News


This British ‘bill of rights’ is constitutional butchery that will make us all less free | Shami Chakrabarti | The Guardian

Extract from the briefing document:

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