Saturday 26 February 2022

Conflict in Ukraine (3) - Reaction - UN, Council of Europe, EU, ICC, ICJ

Reaction of international bodies to the Russian military action in Ukraine:

United Nations:

UN Charter 

UN Security Council

Security Council fails to adopt draft resolution on ending Ukraine crisis, as Russian Federation wields veto

The Five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council - WorldAtlas

General Assembly resolution demands end to Russian offensive in Ukraine | | UN News

UN resolution against Ukraine invasion: Full text (

United Nations Security Council veto power - Wikipedia 

Presidency of the United Nations Security Council - Wikipedia

In February 2022, Russia held the Presidency of the UN Security Council. In March 2022 it is held by United Arab Emirates and, after that, UK (April 2022) and USA (May 2022).

7 April 2022 - UN General Assembly votes to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council | | UN News

Council of Europe:

Situation in Ukraine: Decisions by Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers

Council of Europe suspends Russia's rights of representation

The European Court of Human Rights operates under the aegis of the Council of Europe. The court has announced interim measures concerning the Russian Federation (1 March 2022), Measures taken in cases concerning Ukraine (2 March), Interim measures concerning Russian military operations (4 March). Details are on the court's website - European Court of Human Rights - ECHR, CEDH, news, information, press releases (

Law and Lawyers: Conflict in the Ukraine (7) - Russia excluded from Council of Europe (

An Aggression Chamber for Ukraine Supported by the Council of Europe - Opinio Juris

European Union:

EU solidarity with Ukraine

Commission proposes temporary protection status (

Latest EU News - News - / - European Law Monitor CIC

EU Temporary Protection Directive - EUR-Lex - 32001L0055 - EN - EUR-Lex ( - this dates back to 2001 but has not been activated before the present Ukraine crisis. Further analysis of this is at Professor Steve Peers' EU Law Analysis blog -  EU Law Analysis: Temporary Protection for Ukrainians in the EU? Q and A

International Criminal Court:

Statement of ICC Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan QC, on the Situation in Ukraine: “I have decided to proceed with opening an investigation.” (

Ukraine (

UK leads call for ICC to investigate Russia’s war crimes - GOV.UK (

Could the international criminal court bring Putin to justice over Ukraine? | Russia | The Guardian

Crime of Aggression Activated at the ICC: Does it Matter? - Just Security

International coalition to support ICC Russian war crimes investigation - GOV.UK (

Witnessing atrocities in real time in Ukraine is changing everything (

International Court of Justice:

Watching the Law: Ukraine v Russia ~ 1948 Genocide Convention

The Court indicates provisional measures ( - Order of 16 March 2022 - Allegations of Genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide - Ukraine v Russian Federation.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide | OHCHR

A separate tribunal ?

There have been some calls for a special tribunal to be established to try individuals, including Putin, for the crime of aggression. Notably, the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, supports such a development -

Press Release: Calling for the Creation of a Special Tribunal for the Punishment of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine | The Office of Gordon & Sarah Brown (

Ukraine backs international tribunal plan to try Putin for crime of aggression | Ukraine | The Guardian

Ukraine: Russia's invasion is 'crime of aggression' under international law | Amnesty International UK

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26 February 2022

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