Friday 5 June 2020


From 8 June, "Quarantine" is to be imposed on indivduals arriving in ENGLAND. Two Statutory Instruments have been made to implement this.

The Health Protection (Coronanvirus, International Travel) (England) Regulations 2020 - SI 2020/568 and see the Explanatory Memorandum

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Public Health Information for Passengers Travelling to England) Regulations 2020 - SI 2020/567and see the Explanatory Memorandum

Both sets of Regulations come into legal force on 8 June and will expire after 12 months (unless revoked earlier).

The purpose
of the International Travel Regulations is set out in the Explanatory Note -

The purpose of the Information Regulations is -

The Home Secretary's Statement to the House of Commons is recorded by HANSARD 3 June.


The introduction of these Regulations at a time when the government has been moving in other ways to ease the lockdown has proved to be controversial not only politically but also scientifically and the adverse impact on travel-related business will be huge.

The Guardian 3 June 2020 - Pressure grows on Priti Patel after Vallance avoids full backing for UK quarantine move -  reported that at a No 10 press conference, Sir Patrick Vallance said the advice from the Sage advisory committee was that quarantines worked best when infection rates inside a country had dropped, but also when applied to countries with high rates of coronavirus.

Media reports:

The Guardian 10 May - UK travel industry warns against 'nightmare' of quarantine

Sky News 22 May 2020 - UK quarantine plans criticised by aviation industry

Express and Star 4 June reported - SAGE scientist casts doubt on quarantine plans

BBC News 4 June - Quarantine rules 'killer blow' for travel sector 

Sky News reports that judicial review of the quarantine may be under consideration by the International Airlines Group (IAG).

The Guardian 4 June - Britain's quarantine plan for travellers is too little too late

The Telegraph 5 June - Travel updates: Britons can avoid quarantine by flying from 'clean' airports

BBC News 5 June - BA threatens legal action over quarantine plans

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