Monday 21 November 2016

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The Independent Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) has issued its Weekly Notes.   The Notes look at the Investigatory Powers Bill, a report on Surveillance Cameras, the "Multi-Party Brexitigation", "Halegate" - the Azlan Shah lecture in Malaysia, the views of Lord Judge regarding the Lord Chancellor's inadequate defence of judicial independence and much more.
Nobody actually has a definitive answer to whether a notice to withdraw under Article 50 Treaty on European Union) may be revoked unilaterally be the State that gave the notice.    Notable opinions go either-way.  Here is the latest - Exeter University - Aurel Sari

This earlier post contains lots of links to material on the Brexit case. 

This is well worth reading - Freedom from Torture - Demanding the impossible- When seeking asylum in the UK, survivors of torture can find it impossible to prove to Home Office officials that they have been tortured. It is a significant challenge for asylum claimants to provide evidence to support their application for international protection and to demonstrate that their stated fear of persecution in their home country is well-founded.  People rarely have access to documentation that proves they have been detained and ill-treated by state authorities, and flight from their home country may have been chaotic and unplanned. The journey to the country where they seek refuge may have been in the hands of people smugglers who routinely confiscate and retain documents that could prove identity, nationality or other aspects of the person’s claim ....

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