Sunday 26 April 2015

A brilliant new website - RIGHTS INFORMATION

At a time when "human rights" are under attack from certain politicians and elements in the popular media, a superb new website has arrived - Human Rights Information to Share (or  Many congratulations to barrister Adam Wagner and those behind this initiative.  The need to help people understand their rights and to value those hard-fought rights has never been greater and Rights Information goes a long way to help.

Here you can see Everything you need to know about rights, find out what human rights do for us, get information on 50 cases where human rights have improved the law, sign up for a daily newsletter and there is much more!

Please share the link to Rights Information with your friends and work colleagues.

Writing on his Head of Legal blog, Carl Gardner says of Rights Information
- "What’s immediately striking about the site, is its clean, contemporary look. When you combine that design and usability with content that’s authoritative and engaging, RightsInfo adds up to a really interesting web initiative in the public understanding of law.

You’ll certainly want to subscribe to RightsInfo if you’re interested in human rights. But more importantly, it’s going to be an excellent place to send anyone who’s sceptical about human rights but open to persuasion. RightsInfo is an impressive new tool – and I wish it well."

I also wish Rights Information all the luck in the world.

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