Thursday, 10 June 2010

Government has announced a review of child protection arrangements

The government has requested Professor Eileen Munro to undertake a review of child protection and social work arrangements - see Department of Education.   Her review will set out the obstacles preventing children's social workers from making the best judgments and interventions, including considering how effectively professionals in various agencies work together. The review will also consider if we should emulate best practices in child protection systems in other countries.  See also Family Law.  The Secretary of State has requested an interim report by January 2011 and a final report by April 2011.

As mentioned in the post immediately below, "serious case review" reports will be published.  It appears that some reports will be published retrospectively including Baby P and Khyra Ishaq.

It has also been announced that the government plans to scrap the Contact Point database "as soon as possible".  The Liberal Democrats published some information on this - see Freedom Bill.

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