Saturday, 1 May 2010

Under the Radar: the Stockholm Plan for Justice

What has hardly been seen but is sneaking in under the radar of the British general Election?  British politicians have said little about it and there has been no worthwhile presentation to the British people.  The answer is the highly ambitious "Stockholm Programme" which is essentially a 5 year plan for justice within the European Union.  The broad plan was agreed by Ministers in December 2009 and the European Commission has now issued more of the detail.   There are so many aspects to this that it is best, at this stage, to draw the reader's attention to it and reserve comment until later.  Nevertheless, only the most Eurosceptic among us would fail to welcome many of the initiatives.  I would be interested in any immediate reaction or views.  Perhaps we might ask our local candidates in the election just what they know about it.  My guess would be, in most cases, very little.

See Statewatch Comments and Statewatch Analysis.  See Law Society Gazette and Building a Citizen's Europe and European Parliament.

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