Friday, 22 October 2021

Some weekend reading

First, the speech by the Attorney General to the 2021 Public Law Project Conference - 

Professor Mark Elliott offered an early response to the speech - see Youtube 20 October.

Secondly, the Supreme Court decision in Majera [2021] UKSC 46.

David Allen Green commented on the case on his Law and Policy blog - pointing out that court orders have to be obeyed, even by the Home Secretary.

Thirdly, please see the weekly notes on the ICLR Blog - a great source for legal news and comment - Legal news from ICLR: 18 October 2021.

Fourthly, see the New Statesman article by David Gauke - "Dominic Raab's assault on the Human Rights Act is dangerously misguided." This critique is all the more important because Gauke was a Conservative MP and served as Lord Chancellor from 8 January 2018 t0 24 July 2019 - one of 8 to hold the post since May 2010.

Number 5 - and by no means least - the Centre for Military Justice is publishing a series of "stories" about how the Human Rights Act helped serving personnel or their families. The first in the series is the story of Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement - see Human Rights Stories No.1

Addendum 23 October:

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