:  MYTHS  :

"The Human Rights Act does nothing for ordinary people"

"People now have a ‘human right’ to anything"

"The HRA is a charter for criminals and terrorists – it does nothing for victims"

"The Human Rights Act has made us all less safe. It needs amending so that the courts are are required to balance our rights to safety and security"

"The Human Rights Act has cost the British tax payer millions of pounds and has been a goldmine for lawyers"

"The HRA has been imposed on us by the EU"

"British common law and Magna Carta protected our rights long before the HRA"

"The HRA gives too much power to unelected judges"

"The HRA is all about rights and not about responsibilities"

"The HRA prevents us from deporting foreigners"

"Prisoners have the right to access hardcore pornography because of human rights"

"Police can’t put up ‘Wanted’ posters of dangerous criminals on the run because of their human rights"

"Police gave fried chicken to a burglar because of his ‘human rights’"

"The right to privacy in the HRA prevents free media reporting"

"The HRA hasn’t prevented the introduction of new laws that breach human rights"

"The HRA has created a compensation culture"

"Because of the HRA public bodies are frightened of making the wrong decision and criminals end up being released early"

"The HRA prevents rapists and paedophiles from registering their details (including their online identities) on the sex offenders register"

"The HRA is not sufficiently ‘British’ so the UK doesn’t benefit from the ‘margin of appreciation’ before the European Court of Human Rights"