Monday, 30 July 2012

Consultations and Bills

There are several active consultations:

1.  UK Bill of Rights - The British Bill of Rights - Second consultation - responses required by 30th September

2.  Justice Swift and Sure - Perhaps not strictly a consultation but the Ministry of Justice invited feedback on the White Paper - see Swift and Sure: Has Flashman come up with flash incarceration?

3.  Law Commission - Has a number of consultations running:

a)  Scoping exercise on The Defences of Insanity and Automatism- responses by 18th October

b)  Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts - responses by 25th October

c)  Scandalising the Court - responses by 5th October

and a number of others - here.

Bills in Parliament:
The position with a number of important Bills may be seen via the following links:

Crime and Courts Bill

Defamation Bill

House of Lords Reform Bill

Justice and Security Bill

Trusts (Capital and Income) Bill

and the position with all Bills may be seen - here

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  1. All the parliament bill details at one page:) many thanks to make this post.