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Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration ~ Materials

Some of the materials available to assist with the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.  Lists to be updated if new material is published - see Additions below.

The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration were published on 25 November:

Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, as agreed at negotiators' level on 14 November 2018

Draft Political Declaration and see Government Statement


European Union - Brexit negotiations: What is in the Withdrawal Agreement

UK government - Withdrawal Agreement Explainer

Parliamentary Committees:

House of Commons - Exiting the EU

House of Commons - Treasury Committee

House of Lords - EU Select Committee


House of Commons Monday 26 November - where many MPs expressed their concerns about the deal

Financial / Economy:

UK government - Long term economic analysis - presented by the Prime Minister to Parliament on 28 November 2018

Bank of England - EU Withdrawal Scenarios and monetary and financial stability - a response to the Treasury Committee - 28 November 2018

Financial Conduct Authority - EU Withdrawal - Impact - 29 November 2018

Institute for Government - Understanding the economic impact of Brexit - 19 October 2018


Jack of Kent blog - Why the draft Withdrawal Agreement may be the only responsible option - David Allen Green - 16 November 2018

UK Constitutional Law Association Blog - What happens constitutionally if the Draft Withdrawal Agreement is voted down?  - Robert Craig - 16 November 2018

Public Law for Everyone - The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: Taking back "control of our laws"? - Professor Mark Elliott - 23 November 2018

EU Law Analysis - The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement: Overview and First observations - Professor Steve Peers Essex University

Legal Research blogs - Bristol University - Why the Draft Agreement on the Withdrawal; of the UK from the EU should satisfy neither leavers nor remainers - Dr Clair Gammage and Prof. Phil Syrpis

EJIL:Talk! - A Second Brexit Referendum - What makes you think they will have you back? - Joseph Weiler

The Brexit Effect blog - Is the 'backstop' a trampoline to the future UK-EU trade relationship?

Jon Worth Euroblog  - There is a withdrawal agreement and political declaration.  What next?

The Spectator - May's Brexit deal: the legal verdict - Martin Howe QC - 24 November

iNews - Brexit deal: What the political declaration actually means - Chris Grey - 22 November

Media and other Comment:

BBC News 26 November - Brexit: your simple guide

Prospect Magazine - The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement may violate the European Convention on Human Rights - George Peretz - 11 October 2018.

The Conversation - Brexit deal: experts react - 15 November 2018

Prospect Magazine - It is now clear to all who look:  Brexit is a humiliation of historic proportions - Jonathan Lis - 15 November 2018 

Prospect Magazine - And so the UK surrenders the control it pledged to take back - Jonathan Lis - 22 November 2018

Bloomberg Opinion - May's Brexit deal has a fatal defect - The agreement makes Britain a perpetual subordinate - Clive Crook - 20 November

iNews - Theresa May's dismal deal should be crushed by Parliament - Ian Birrell 25 November 2018

The Telegraph 29 November - Why the Norway plus plan is not a simple as Brexiteers believe

This blog:

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.1

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.2 - Preamble and Common Provisions

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.3 - Transition

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.4 - CJEU Role, Joint Committee, Dispute settlement

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.5 - Part 2 Citizens' Rights

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.6 - Parts 3 (Separation) and Five (Financial)

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.7 - Protocol on Gibraltar

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.8 - Protocol on the Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus

Draft Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018 - No.9 - Northern Ireland

Draft Political Declaration - November 2018


1st December -

UK Government - Department for Exiting the EU - Publications

Institute for Government - Explainers - Parliament's 'Meaningful' Vote on Brexit

Brodies's LLP - 11 December 2018: The Brexit "Meaningful Vote"

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