Friday 18 November 2016

Interventions in the Brexit appeal

***** The Government's grounds of appeal have been published and extend to 56 pages *****

Edwin Coe LLP - ·Brexit –The Claimant’s Case for the Supreme Court

On 18th November, the Supreme Court announced that certain interventions in the Brexit appeal had been allowed and a further intervention by Lawyers for Britain Ltd was accepted by the court on 25th November - updated announcement.   Lawyers for Britain may only file written submissions.

Intervention of the Lord Advocate 

Counsel General for Wales statement 21st November

The list of interveners is:
  • The Lord Advocate, Scottish Government
  • The Counsel General for Wales, Welsh Government
  • The 'Expat Interveners', George Birnie and Others
  • The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain
  • Lawyers for Britain Ltd (written submissions only)

Additionally, the Attorney General for Northern Ireland has made a reference to the Court regarding devolution issues relating to that jurisdiction. Permission to intervene is therefore not necessary.

With regard to the case brought in Northern Ireland by Raymond McCord see this report

Previous posts - 11th November and 8th November.  A list of links to the views of various writers may be seen HERE and that post contains a general note about interveners.   I will update the list as and when new material comes to my notice.

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