Monday, 30 June 2014

As June fades into July ... A short roundup ...

As June fades into July, a little food for thought ...

Halsbury's Law Exchange has published an item by Lord Phillips (a former Lord Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court) on Prisoner Voting - Should Prisoners have the right to vote?

Justice - Resources on the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill which will make important changes to the law including access to judicial review.  See details of the Bill on the Parliament website.
 The British like to believe they are free, but after Snowden, Miranda and the “war on terror”, how true can this be? Are most of us free while those who seek change discover a tenuous grip on freedom?'  See
London School of Economics - The State of Freedom in Britain

UK Human Rights Blog - 'Do not resuscitate' and the Right to Die - the Human Rights Roundup - Celia Rooney 30th June.

Marilyn Stowe blog -  The unravelling of the Family Justice System by John Bolch.

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