Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sentencing in R v Adebolajo and Adebowale

The men found guilty of the murder, on the afternoon of 22nd May 2013 at Woolwich, of  Fusilier Lee Rigby have now been sentenced.  A whole life term was imposed by Mr Justice Sweeney on Michael Adebolajo.  A 45 year minimum term was imposed on Michael Adebowale.  See the Sentencing Remarks (via the Judiciary website).  Adebolajo ( also known as Mujaah id Abu Hamza) was the leader of the joint enterprise.  Adebowale (also known as Ismail Ibn Abdullah) played his part in the joint enterprise enthusiastically.  Earlier this month, the Court of Appeal held that it was lawful to impose a whole life term (previous post of 18th February).

The Guardian 26th February reports that the two had to be removed from the dock for disruptive behaviour and they were not present in court as the judge passed sentence.

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