Wednesday, 19 February 2014

2014 Queen's Counsel

The Lawyer 19th February has the 2014 list of those to be appointed Queen's Counsel (QC) in 2014.   There were 225 applicants.  The successful included 95 barristers and five solicitor-advocates (out of just 7 solicitor applicants). The majority of the new QCs are civil practitioners, with 63 saying they practise civil law. A further six have a mixed civil and criminal practice, and 26 purely criminal practices. Just five are family barristers.

The number of women appointed rose from 14 last year to 18 this year, out of 42 applicants, making the success rate among women 43 per cent. The proportion of new silks who are female rose from 17 per cent last year. However the success rate for women is the lowest since 2008, when 39 per cent of female applicants were made QCs.

In addition there are six QC Honoris Causa

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