Tuesday, 3 August 2010

There is no honour in killing ... appalling murders in Blackburn

The Guardian 3rd August reports the conviction of four men for the murder of two people in Blackburn, Lancashire.  See also The Independent 2nd August.  The persons killed were not the intended victims.  The men: Ibrahim (aged 21); Iqbal (25), Sadek Miah (23) and Mohammed Miah (19) received life sentences with tariffs, respectively, of 28 years, 25, 21 and 19 years.  Henriques J referred to these crimes as "shocking and terrible murders".

In some quarters these crimes are referred to as "honour killings".  This terminology ought to be deprecated.  It is murder and should be referred to as that and that alone.

See the BBC website and the reader is also referred to Gendercide.

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