Friday, 20 November 2015

Criminal Courts Charge - Justice Committee Report

The House of Commons Justice Committee has expressed grave misgivings about whether the Criminal Courts Charge is compatible with the principles of justice - READ THE REPORT.  The levels of the charge are criticised as grossly disproportionate to the means of many of the offenders to which the charge is applicable as well as to the gravity of many of the offences for which it is imposed.  The charge is also thought to be creating perverse incentives affecting defendant and sentencer behaviour.

The committee would not mourn early abolition of the charge and calls for legislation to either remove it or, if the government is not so minded, to reduce the levels of the charge.  If it is not either abolished or reduced then the committee calls for legislation to permit discretion for sentencers (a) as to whether to impose the charge and (b) if it is imposed, the level of the charge.

The message is clear enough.  Abolish this unjust charge.

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