Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A welcome to a new website and a long needed idea ...

Halsbury's Law Exchange is a new and very welcome website which seeks to communicate to the government ideas on legal reform.  It will promote debate through papers, reports, events and media pieces.  The website includes a BLOG (Openminds), an OPINION FORUM and YOUR IDEAS may also be submitted.  The site is independent of government.

It is a fact that many hundreds of ideas have been submitted to the YOUR FREEDOM website which was set up by the coalition government but it is not yet possible to point to any resulting change to the law.  As a general rule, the public usually has law imposed on it and Halsbury's Law Exchange is a good step towards better public engagement in the legal process.

Another blog, dealing with family law matters, is Pinktape - an attractive site which is well worth a look.

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