Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A most interesting speech ... the State of the Nation

Here is a link to the CharonQC blog which discusses a speech made by Lord Judge (Lord Chief Justice) at the Mansion House on 13th July.  Please have a read.   It is an extremely interesting and hard-hitting speech from the Head of the Judiciary in England and Wales.  He was particularly critical of so-called "Henry VIII" clauses in statutes.

Here is a link to the Lord Chief's speech of 13th July.

Addendum 15th July:  It is reported that the Crown Prosecution Service is warning government that 25% cuts in its budget will "deny justice" - see The Guardian 15th July.  The Telegraph reports that, in a "worst case scenario" one quarter of the Police Force could be shed with civilian employees bearing the brunt of the cuts - Telegraph 15th July.  See also Joshua Rozenberg's "take" on the speech by the Lord Chief Justice.

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  1. Obiter J often has his finger on the nation`s legal pulse and the content of Lord Judge`s speech on July 13th was heartening to all who hope that much of the last thirteen years` authoritarianism can be retrieved. However the good Lord`s statement on July 14th predicates a different picture upon which I have commented at length. Trial by judge[s] OR jury is the logical outcome.