Monday, 12 July 2010

It's over .... at last ....

The World Cup is over - at last !!  Spain is the champion.  England's performance was miserably uninspiring.  The retention of Mr Capello as Manager was inevitable because his contract with the FA was altered before he went to South Africa.  £12 million would have been one terrific golden goodbye!  I hope that, before the next world cup, there is a serious rethink at England's entire approach and attitude.  They seemed to me to have the attitude of some law students at a Monday morning tutorial after a weekend on the lash.  The next time is Brazil in 2014.  They will be the 5th country to host it twice.  Of course, in 2012, we get the Olympics and those will include football.

The most brilliant idea of the whole World Cup was Paul (The Octopus) - pictured above.  His uncanny ability at forecasting gave him 100% accuracy.  Paul is to retire and I will miss him.  I will not miss those awful Vuvuzelas.  Brazil has something similar - the Corneta!  Can't wait.

Brazil (or is it Brasil) has come up with a nice logo. I think that is a left hand coming from behind the cup?  Am I correct?

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