Thursday, 4 February 2010

Is this the way to do it?

It looks like this lady would have been better off if she had not offended at all - see Manchester Evening News.

I also liked the one about the burglar who left a mobile phone at the burgled property.  As Bystander points out, he is now in "the Scrubs."

There are occasions when one wonders if the Police have lost all sense of proportion as appears to be the case with the use of the Police aircraft to catch an offending motorist - again see Manchester Evening News. Why not use a military style drone instead? See Daily Mail 23rd January.

Then we have the story of Cherie Blair QC who, so it is said, suspended a man's 6 month prison sentence for 2 years because he was "devout."  His crime?  Well, he broke a man's jaw.  Technically speaking it looks like there were 2 assaults: one in a queue and one afterwards.  I suspect that there would have been mitigation including the fact that the offender had "no previous."  See The Times which reports - perhaps with a certain soup├žon of schadenfreude, that Cherie is to face an investigation.

Finally, we see a certain amount of bizarre behind-the-scenes behaviour in connection with the appointment of the 12th Justice of the Supreme Court.  The Times has covered this story and see Of Interest to Some Lawyers and Charon QC.  This is an interesting story with the serious angle to it that the "powers that be" are far from getting this appointments process right.

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