Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Infected Blood Inquiry

The Infected Blood Inquiry, under the Chairmanship of Sir Brian Langstaff has commenced with an Opening Statement from the Chairman, Opening Remarks from Counsel to the Inquiry (Jenni Richards QC) and oral evidence from witnesses.  The Inquiry operates under the Inquiries Act 2005.

The Inquiry was announced by the Prime Minister in 2017 - The Telegraph 11 July 2017.  The Inquiry Terms of Reference were finally issued in September 2018.  The terms are the outcome of a process which included a consultation with interested parties.

The Chairman's opening remarks
included a plea that the media do what they can to increase awareness of HIV and Hepatitis.  See the information available at Hepatitis C Trust  and The Guardian 30 April - "Infected blood inquiry judge calls for more testing for hepatitis C."

Inquiry sessions may be viewed via Youtube at - Infected Blood Inquiry.


In Scotland, the Penrose Inquiry was set up in 2008 by the Scottish First Minister and reported in 2015.   This inquiry had terms of reference limiting it to examination of matters in Scotland.  Although this inquiry produced a detailed and lengthy report there was a single recommendation -

"That the Scottish Government takes all reasonable steps to offer an HCV test to everyone in Scotland who had a blood transfusion before September 1991 and who has not been tested for HCV"

The Infected Blood Inquiry is one of a number of on-going inquiries:

Undercover Policing Inquiry- set up in March 2015.  Chaired by Sir Christopher Pitchford until July 2017 and afterwards by Sir John Mitting - see Further details of the inquiry.

Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse - the present day inquiry dates from March 2015 and replaced the previous Independent Panel.  The history of the panel and inquiry are described here.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry- and see The Telegraph 27 April 2019  where it reported that the inquiry is likely to criticise London Fire Brigade. 

Renewable Heat Incentive Inquiry - a Northern Ireland inquiry


Institute for Government - Public Inquiries

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