Sunday 30 April 2017

Special European Council Meeting 29th April 2017

The European Council has approved guidelines for the Brexit negotiations - see the Council announcement and see European Council (Art 50) Guidelines.

The EU (27) will present a united front in the negotiations which will be conducted in transparency and as a single package. In accordance with the principle that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, individual items cannot be settled separately.  The EU will engage with the UK exclusively through channels set out in the guidelines and negotiating directives. The European Council will remain permanently seized of the matter, and will update the guidelines in the course of the negotiations as necessary. Negotiating directives will be adjusted accordingly. 

The General Election in the UK is to be on 8th June and so Brexit negotiations with the EU will not be possible until afterwards.  By then, over 2 months of the 2 years referred to in Article 50 TEU will have passed.  Even if the Conservative Party is returned to office, a new Ministerial team could be appointed to manage the UK side of negotiations.

European Council (Art. 50) guidelines for Brexit negotiations, 29 April 2017

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