Friday, 13 March 2015

Intelligence and Security ~ an important report

 12 March 2015 - The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament has today published its Report 'Privacy and Security: A modern and transparent legal framework'. This Report includes, for the first time in a single document, a comprehensive review of the full range of intrusive capabilities available to the UK intelligence Agencies. It contains an unprecedented amount of information about those capabilities, the legal framework governing their use, and the privacy protections and safeguards that apply. The Report also reveals the use of certain capabilities – such as Bulk Personal Datasets and Directions under the Telecommunications Act 1984  for the first time. The Report represents a landmark in terms of the openness and transparency surrounding the Agencies’ work.

The Committee has also released a press statement on the report, and the opening statement from a press conference held on 12th March.

The Guardian - Joshua Rozenberg - Legal limbo where spies reside is beyond spooky 

Telecommunications Act 1984 - Directions in the interests of national security


  1. Only ten days after I first sat with Jim Swire to record his memoirs, persons unknown got onto my computer and accessed - presumably read and probably copied - all my MS Word files. The reason I know they accessed the files is that I had an old computer with very old software, incompatible with the state-of-the-art systems the persons unknown were using. And so the files popped up as favourites, even though many had not been used by me for years. I talked to a friend with friends in Mossad and he told me I'd been carnivored.

    Only Jim Swire knew I'd twice been to his home in Bromsgrove. Only he knew I'd made some recordings.

    This happened in 2000. Since then God knows what they can do. The degree of control by part time MPs is minimal. Any spy with an ounce of skill can get round them and the presiding judge. We are not talking about terrorist plotters, we are talking of "persons of interest" who effectively oppose Government policy, whatever government is in power.

    As the kerfuffle about the establishment cover-up of child abuse by some in power has revealed, the network of friendly mutual interests can make many things "go away".

    Kindest regards,
    Peter Biddulph

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