Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lord Neuberger ~ Recent Speeches

Supreme Court of Victoria
Our own Supreme Court is now in vacation until the next legal year commences in October.   Lord Neuberger, the court's President, is busy in Australia and New Zealand delivering speeches.

In a speech at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne Lord Neuberger looks at the development of human rights law within the UK and its present day application.  He referred to some of the important issues such as the extent to which the Human Rights Act 1998 permits the courts to modify the literal meaning of a statute, when the courts will issue a declaration of incompatibility, the possibility (yet to be decided) that the convention might be applied "horizontally" so that obligations to respect the rights of others might apply to private entities.   He also considered the roles of the common law and human rights jurisprudence with the common law returning more to the centre stage having been somewhat in the wings since 2000.  

Here are links to five speeches (reproduced from the UK Supreme Court website).

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