Monday, 21 July 2014

A written constitution for the United Kingdom? Have your say ...

Writing in the Law Society Gazette 21st July 2014, Joshua Rozenberg takes a look at a report by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons.

This is a lengthy report of 423 pages - A New Magna Carta?  Second Report of Session 2014-15 (3rd July 2014).

Much of the report is informed by the work of Robert Blackburn - Professor of Constitutional Law, King's College London.  As Joshua Rozenberg's article states -  'Blackburn [offers] us three illustrative blueprints. The first, which he describes as a constitutional code, would be no more than a handbook, with no statutory authority. The second, consolidating legislation, would bring together existing statutes and codify constitutional conventions. Only the third would be a true constitutional document, governing the way the country is run.'

Major consultation by Parliament on "A New Magna Carta" - 10th July 2014.   See also Competition to write a preamble for modern written constitution

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