Thursday, 19 April 2012

Her Majesty's Advocate v David Gilroy - Televised sentencing

High Court of Justiciary Edinburgh
The Telegraph has published a video of Lord Bracadale sentencing David Gilroy for the murder of Suzanne Pilley.

Television cameras were allowed into the High Court in Edinburgh to record the sentencing of Suzanne Pilley's murderer (David Gilroy).  This was the first time in the United Kingdom that a judge passing a sentence for murder was filmed for television.

David Gilroy lost his temper and murdered Suzanne Pilley in a sustained attack and thereafter disposed of her body with "chilling calmness and calculation."  The body has not been found and Gilroy is the only person to know where it is.

Scotland's legal system is distinct from that of other parts of the UK - i.e. England/Wales and Northern Ireland.  Information about Scotland's judiciary may be seen via their website.  The sentencing remarks are also published on that website - Her Majesty's Advocate v David Gilroy.

Article - Legal Week 19th April - "On camera - what impact will televised court proceedings have on justice?"

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