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Brexit Library

Updated 12th June 2018 ~

A Collection of posts on Brexit, links to official materials and links to other blogs.

EU council

Guidelines for future relationship between EU and UK - 8th March 2018 - HERE or here

UK Government and EU issued a Joint Statement on Withdrawal Agreement - 19th June 2018 

EU Commission

European Parliament

Motion prepared by the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group raising  possibility of an ASSOCIATION AGREEMENT founded on Article 8 TEU and Article 217 TFEU - The motion is available HERE.

European Parliament Resolution 14 March 2018

Europa - the EU website

Posts since 1st January 2018 – (latest first)
4 Posts on the Constitution Committee Report (published 29th January 2018) -

Legal status of retained EU law - (30th January 2018)

What is “no deal” Brexit? Getting hold of fog - 12th January 2018.

The House of Lords and the EU Withdrawal Bill - 3rd January 2018

A short round up - includes some Brexit items - 18th January 2018

UK Government Department for Exiting the EU

United Kingdom Parliament

House of Commons -   

The European Scrutiny Committee assesses the legal/political importance of EU documents

The Exiting the European Union Committee examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Exiting the European Union 

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

Posts about the Bill as introduced - 1st reading House of Commons was 13th July 2017

Posts up to 31st December 2017 – (latest first)

Brexit - end of year view (29th December)

Joint EK EU Report (4) - Euratom and other points (10th December)

Joint UK EU Report (3) - Money (10th December)

Joint UK EU Report (2) - Ireland and Northern Ireland (9th December)

Joint UK EU Report (1) - Citizens' rights (9th December)

Brexit shambles develops (7th December)

An Humble Address to Her Majesty (1st November 2017)

Brexit Notes - Round 5 and other items (12th October 2017)

Brexit Negotiations Round 4 (29th September)

Brexit - Government Papers - (18th August 2017)-  Papers regarding (a) Customs and (b) Ireland

EU and the UK - Collection of Posts - Law and Lawyer posts from 20th February 2016 to 23rd July 2017 – UP TO THE 2016 REFERENDUM


EU Negotiating Position

EU Commission


Law Society

Bar Council

Further resources

UK Parliament and Courts

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