Thursday, 28 July 2016

EU and the UK - Collection of posts

Here are links to the various posts on this blog since February 2016.  These posts contain links to many more articles and posts on the subject of the EU referendum and Brexit.

Pre Referendum (23rd June)

20th February - Brexit ~ referendum ~ a few points - including link to the deal secured by the Prime Minister

UK and the EU (1) - History and Background

UK and the EU (2) - The EU Treaties - key points

UK and the EU (3) - The Parliament, the Commission and the Court

UK and the EU (4) - Freedom of movement of persons

UK and the EU (5) - Referendum - People need facts not slogans (Lord King)

UK and the EU (6) -Will Brexit be a simple process?

UK and the EU (7) -Your Rights

UK and the EU (8) - Trading bloc or emergent State

UK and the EU (9) - A monumental referendum - information to assist

UK and the EU (10) - What if it is Brexit 

UK and the EU (11) - The event horizon approaches - What if it is Brexit

UK and the EU (12) - Final post of this series

 Post Referendum

It is Brexit (4) - Legal consequences

It is Brexit (6) - Parliamentary material

It is Brexit (8) - Points of interest

A Great Repeal Bill - A note just before the Conservative Party Conference (2/10/16) 

Brexit appeal (5/12/16 + updated 6/12)

Brexit - The White Paper (2nd February 2017)

(Post originated 28th July 2016)

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